Taichi Yagami - Shirt from Digimon Adventure Tri


I made Taichi's Jacket based on the promotional images before the first episodes were released.  Once the first episodes came out, I knew my next cosplay would be Tai's casual outfit from episodes 3 & 4. 

I could of course have found an orange shirt to modify, but where's the fun in that?  When I made Ryouga's shirt from Ranma 1/2, I referenced a burda pattern for a collared shirt (replacing the collar with something totally different).  This time, I'd follow pretty much the entire pattern, with only a slight variation in the pocket style.  Also making it a short-sleeved version and adding the little button loops that's on Tai's version.

This shirt was a lot of fun to make and I'm really happy with the result.  I free-handed the "17" on the sleeve.  Not bad for my first attempt with satin stiches, but probably the only part of the shirt that's a little sloppy.

For the 15th Anniversary, Bandi released an "official" verion of Taichi's Googles from Adventure 01.  I may have paid a little premium to import them, but this will be the 3rd cosplay that can use them (and Daisuke's outfit from Adventure 02 will be the 4th), so at least I'm getting good use out of them!

The white undershirt is pretty plain, so that's just store-bought, as is the pair of jeans I hemed to match the length.

Taichi Yagami - Shirt from Digimon Tri

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